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Authorized Vat Consultancy Services for Small Business

vat consultancy services for small business is our core area where we deal with – knowing the challenges in the area. We provide consultation on the whole range of VAT related issues that any business encounters. Often conducting new transactions or getting into newly identified business area, many forgets to take Vat into consideration – it may be expensive!

Vat Consultancy Services for Global Tax Return

Overseas vat reclaims need significant and dedicated professionals to review and retrieve the necessary documentations to file this claims. Our specialist has hack to look after your Vat recovery with minimum burden on your shoulder.If you undertake business transaction that doesn’t meet with the Vat requirements, it can lead to irrecoverable Vat cost.  We also advise on international transaction across different industries.

Vat Reviews

John consultancy also conducts Vat review in order to make sure compliance with regulations.We are recognized as a vat expert in complicated issues. We possess extensive experience in helping our broad range of clients in bringing down the cost of customs duty and vat, ensuring compliance and making the procedure simple through in-depth knowledge and expertise

Vat Advisory

Whether you operate in the non-profit sector or in the corporate sector, our team of vat specialist provides pragmatic and high quality advisory service to mitigate the tax on your business.

Vat Training

John consultancy also provides Vat training services. Our Vat consultants possess exceptional experience in providing training to professionals in enjoyable manner to make it digestible.

We offer consultancy on all VAT related issues that includes:

  • • Property
  • • Cash Sale
  • • Bad debts
  • • Non-business expenses
  • • Exempted Sale
  • • Partial Exemption Issue
  • • Exports and Imports