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Start up Loan Company Scheme


If you are start up firm to compete in business arena, we, as a start up loan company, are more than willing to assist you! We are trusted partner of many  financing companies provide loans for startups , and helped many newly formed company to meet their financial needs or grow their established firm utilizing cash flow line provided by us.

Why Our start up loan Company?

With the purpose of supporting entrepreneurs to get loans for startups – if they have feasible and innovative idea to succeed but facing shortage of cash flow or finance, our firm is established to provide support to those people willing to borrow startup loans.

Qualification for loan

To be qualified for cash flow funding from our firm, the startup must be either starting out a new business or in the second year of running their business year. And if that startup possesses viable business idea, plan and execution ability to get to success and you can repay your loan within stipulated time period or committed time frame as per the agreed interest rate.

We have partnered with many financial institutions to cater the funding needs of entrepreneur regarding start up loans – even if we handle the flow of application from beginning to end, yet we ensure that process go in line with set guidelines.

We are also part of generous national campaign to assist people who have determination to start their journey of business.

Business Startup Toolkit, Advice and Mentoring

We try our best to take to the road of success. And that’s why we provide free start up toolkit, advice and mentoring to each and every successful applicant of funding. If you are successful in getting fund from our organization, its cost and monthly repayment schedules will be told to you. We don’t charge any consultancy fees for that.


If any of our loaning partners offers any facility to borrower, we will let you know about it.